Tips For Trips

  1. Check that all the tyre pressures are correct and that tread wear and general tyre condition is good,
  2. Check that all wheel nuts are in place and check for tightness, (also the spare-wheel/s)
  3. Check that wheel bearings are running smoothly and periodically during trip check for overheating,
  4. Check indicator, brake & tail lights for correct operation in comparison to the towing vehicle,
  5. Check that the coupler is securely hitched and locked in to place on to the tow vehicles,
  6. Check that the coupler bolts are tight,
  7. Check that the safety chain/cable is placed over the tow ball prior to commencing with a trip,
  8. Check that the hand-brake and park-brake is disengaged prior to a trip, (where applicable)
  9. Check that leaf springs and axle bolts are secure and that leaf springs are stiff and not loose,
  10. Check your licence disc expiry date and validity,
  11. Check that your insurance is in place,
  12. Check that all doors/lids/hatches are closed and that all toggle catches and latches are secure,
  13. Check that the jockey wheel and stays are retracted and properly fastened and secure,
    14. Do not exceed the load capacity of the trailer and stick to the national speed limits!

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