2 Berth Maxi Horse Box Tandem RR Braked 14″

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When transporting horses strength and comfort are key factors.

Our horse boxes have been manufactured from electro galvanized sheeting and the body panels are strengthened by formed “hat-sections” to prevent vibrations and metal fatigue.

DIMENSIONS:  2 Berth Maxi
 Body Volumetric Capacity (Litres) 8462
 Length over all (mm) 4500
 Length inside body (mm) 2400
 Width over all (mm) 2125
 Width inside body (mm) 1640
 Height over all (mm) 2590
 Height inside (mm) 2150
 Height Rails (mm) N/A
Ground Clearance (mm)
 With rear tailgate door YES
 With left, front side door (mm) N/A
 Spare wheel YES
 Jockey Wheel 60 x 200mmD
 Tare mass (kg) 1140
 GVM (kg) 2140
 Pay load (kg) 1000
 Brakes YES
 Coupler (kg) 1.1-2T
 Axle length (mm) 1920
 Axle capacity (kg) 2 x 1600RR
 Leaf spring (blade) N/A
 Wheels 195 x 14
 Tyre (kg) 3800