Challenger 650



Product Details
  • These trailers are popular with larger vehicles with bulky luggage. 
  • Ideal for campers, lots of packing space for deck chairs, stretchers, tents, sleeping bags, etc. 
  • Enough space for the ‘DIY’ handy man, for tools, generator, welder, you name it!! (the smaller contractor)



Key Features
  • 900kg unbraked axle
  • 155 x 13" tyres
  • 4 Hole x 100 PCD 13" Rims
  • Jockey Wheel: 125mm lower assy.
  • Clip on Coupler
  • Bolt-on type nosecone
  • Tailgate fitted
  • Chassis has a Integrated Monocoque Chassis(Monocoque, meaning ‘single shell’ in French, is a construction technique that utilizes the external skin to support some or most of the load).
  • Load body is manufactured from 0.9mm electro galvanized sheet metal
  • Powder coated and cured at 210°C.






Technical Specifications
Length Overall:   2945mm
Length Body:   1809mm
Width Inside:   1200mm
Width Overall:   1619mm
Ground Clearance:   415mm
Height Inside:   549mm
Height Overall:   1217mm
Height Rails:   N/A
With Tailgate   Yes
Technical Specs
Tare Mass:   212kg
GVM:   750kg
Pay Load:   538kg
Brakes:   N/A
Axle Length:   1450mm
Axle Capacity:   900kg
Leaf Spring:   4 Blade
Wheels:   155x13
Coupler:   750kg

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